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Study Abroad & International Experiences - Lowell

As an approved traveler under the UMass Lowell Office of Study Abroad & International Experiences programs you are required to register any travel you participate in during, or up to 7 days prior or post, your approved program.
You are required to register your travel in the following instances:

1. To and from your program location and any pre or post program travel up to 7 days.
  • Example: Jenny’s program begins September 1 in Madrid, Spain and ends December 21st.  However, she will arrive to Barcelona 10 days prior to enjoy some personal travel before her program begins.  She will return to the U.S. on December 21.
    • Jenny will register September 1 – December 21, Madrid, Spain. 
    • Jenny will then “add to this itinerary” the Barcelona trip but only up to 7 days prior to the start of her program. She will register August 24-September 1 in Barcelona.

2. Each time you depart your program city, you’ll add a new itinerary record to this same travel registration by going to “My Registrations” in the above Registrant menu.  Select your current travel registration and simply “add a new itinerary record.” 

Note: If you have returned to the U.S. from an international experience and going abroad for a second or third time, you will create a New Registration Record.  You will do this by clicking the link below to create a new travel registration.  To add to that new record, simply follow the instructions above.

Step-by-Step instructions may be downloaded here:
UMass Lowell Online Travel Registry - Study Abroad Registration Instructions.pdf.
Questions: E-mail or call 978-934-4660